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Released Date: 14th Jul, 2017

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu And Kashmir Industrial Employment (Standing Order) Amendment Rules, 2017

As per SRO 294, Government of Jammu and Kashmir has amended the Rule 4 of the Jammu and Kashmir Industrial Employment (Standing Order) Rules 1946. As per the amendment the Certifying Officer shall issue certificate of Standing orders within a period of 45 days

Effective Date: 14th Jul, 2017
Released Date: 11th Jul, 2017


ECR Rejection/Revision - Pre/Post Unified Portal

As per recent EPFO circular dated 11th July 2017, the EPFO has provided solution to certain challenges that the employers were facing viz. (1) Issue of Incorrect Month/ Year was mentioned in ECR - In the EPFO application the provision for ECR Revision (Month/Year) has been provided to revise ECRs where month and year needs to be changed, provided no settlement is made and no PMRPY beneficiary exists. (2) Incorrect UAN mentioned in ECR/Double TRRN for the same month - the EPFO has provided Application Version 5.36 for the field offices to reject ECRs or adjust amount or refund the amount to the employer. (3) Double Payment made by employer for same month using different TRRN/ Double Payment paid by employer against same TRRN and wants to get refund - the EPFO has stated that the Unified portal has already taken steps to refund the amount to the employer directly to their bank account. (4) To refund the amount against amount paid in misc. option - the EPFO has stated that currently misc. payments and receipts are being managed by field office manually. Hence field offices may refund the amount to the employer after verifying the details by preparing a cheque manually. Against this cheque, misc. payment entry in the application software may be made. In the future, Field office may also opt to adjust the amount against the future TRRN using Establishment VDR

Effective Date: 11th Jul, 2017
Released Date: 7th Jul, 2017


Aadhaar Enabled Online Filing Of Claims By Members With Activated UAN

As per recent EPFO circular dated 7th July 2017, the EPFO has provided for online claims submission facility to those PF members who have seeded their KYC's (Aadhar Number and Bank Details) against their UAN which have further been verified digitally by the employer and also from the UID database. Therefore, in pursuance to encouraging Aadhar seeding, the EPFO has stated that priority should be given to online claims and field offices are directed to settle online claims within 5 days. EPFO shall make efforts to expedite all members Aadhar verification so that members are able to avail this facility

Effective Date: 7th Jul, 2017
Released Date: 3rd Jul, 2017


The Rajasthan Minimum Wages Notification (Jan 2017)

As per notification F5(6)Min. M/Labour/2000/Part/11232, Minimum Wages released for the state of Rajasthan effective 1st January 2017

Effective Date: 1st Jan, 2017
Released Date: 1st Jul, 2017


ESIC Contribution Due Date Changed

As per gazette notification published on the 1st July 2017, the ESIC has amended the dates for payment of contributions. Thus, now an employer who is liable to pay contributions in respect of any employee shall pay those contributions within 15 days of the last day of the calendar month in which the contributions fall due, instead of 21 days as was the case earlier. This shall come into force with effect from the contribution payable for the month of June, 2017 i.e. by 15th July, 2017

Effective Date: 1st Jul, 2017
Released Date: 30th Jun, 2017


Return Form Under Employees Enrolment Campaign

As per recent EPFO circular dated 30th June 2017, the EPFO under Para 82 A of Employees Provident Funds Scheme, 1952 has released Form of return to be furnished by the employer who have enrolled their employees under the Employees' Enrolment Campaign 2017, on or after the 1st day of April, 2009 but before the 1st day of January 2017, for the Employees Provident Fund

Effective Date: 30th Jun, 2017
Released Date: 30th Jun, 2017


Revised Form For Certificate Of Coverage Of Indian Worker Going To Work In Other Country

As per recent EPFO circular dated 30th June 2017, the EPFO has declared that the different application forms for Certificate of Coverage (COC) in respect of Indian worker (having Indian passport) going to work in a country with which India is having a Social Security Agreement (SSA) has been revised into a single form keeping in view the COC application software being developed

Effective Date: 30th Jun, 2017
Released Date: 29th Jun, 2017


Registration Of Users On LIMBS Portal

As per recent EPFO circular dated 29th June 2017, the EPFO has introduced Legal Information Management and Briefing System (LIMBS) portal. LIMBS is a web based platform which provides common access portal to all users having varying needs and provides for comprehensive, regulatory and pro-active monitoring of court cases. Under LIMBS, all legal cases including prosecution cases under Section 14 of the Act will be dealt with and monitored. Details of all new cases will be entered in LIMBS portal mandatorily with effect from 1st July, 2017. Cases pertaining to Section 7A, 76, 7C, 7Q , 14 B etc. of the Act shall continue to be conducted and monitored through e-court mechanism which need not be incorporated in to this system

Effective Date: 29th Jun, 2017
Released Date: 28th Jun, 2017


Employees Retention And Aadhar Campaign From 1.07.2017 To 30.09.2017

As per recent EPFO circular dated 28th June 2017, the EPFO has stated that since the Employees Enrolment Campaign 2017 is ending on 30th June, to ensure quick and easy service delivery the Employees Retention And Aadhar Campaign 2017 is being launched for three months from 1st July 2017. Members are advised to seed their Aadhar number with Universal Account Number database so that accounts are transferred easily on change of job or place in an automatic mode. Services of Common Service Centers (CSC) will be utilized for Aadhar seeding of EPF accounts in addition to the facilities at all the EPF offices in the country. These are among the many features of the said campaign, please refer the notification document for complete details on the same

Effective Date: 28th Jun, 2017
Released Date: 19th Jun, 2017


Grant Of Registration And Renewal Certificate Within One Day And Elimination Of Inspection

As per Haryana Government notification issued on 19th June 2017, the State of Haryana has ordered that the authorities shall grant the Registration Certificate and subsequent renewal (s) through e-service within one day from the date of application and thus has eliminated the requirement of inspection prior to registration under the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act,1958. The online application must be submitted with requisite documents and fees. The system will generate automatic registration certificate within one day, with a disclaimer stating that the KYC is invalid/unverified. The Registering Authority shall scrutinise online application within 15 days, on being satisfied the deemed certificate will be replaced with regular certificate without invalid KYC disclaimer. However, the Registering authority on dissatisfaction can cancel the automatically generated Registration Certificate to prevent its misuse. Application for online registration and renewals can be made in the portal: www.hrylabour.gov.in

Effective Date: 19th Jun, 2017

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