Automated POSH Management Software

Simpliance’s POSH module enables compliance monitoring and redressal mechanism by auto-configuring and step-by-step tracking of incidents.

Starts At ₹ 5000 per annum

Automated POSH Management Features

Compliance And Redressal Solution

Simpliance's intelligent compliance engine auto-configures all compliances related to POSH and enables redressal mechanisms by logging and tracking incidents.

Unique & Effective Platform

First of its kind platform for effective tracking and managing compliances related to POSH. Information is available at the click of a button and is kept up-to-date by industry experts in the backend.

Create & Track Inquiries

Create an inquiry when an incident occurs and track all related compliances. The compliances are scheduled according to the right sequence and time frame mandated by the Act. The tool allows secure storage of all documentation and evidence related to the incident.