Enterprise Risk Management

Managing a business successfully depends a lot on risk and compliance management strategies. Appropriate parameters for a holistic risk mitigation are imperative in driving business growth for maximum productivity. An effective e-governance and risk management framework helps you monitor, identify and quantify business and operational risks and alleviate them.

Simpliance’s Enterprise Risk Management framework is designed to control potential operational risks, enabling effectual business risk management, in the most simple, effective and accurate manner. The application determines a response and mitigation strategy and then allows you to reduce possible adverse effects and monitor progress. By identifying and proactively addressing risks and controls, the framework protects your enterprise’s value.

Product Features

Monitoring and Reporting

Simpliance Simple, Beautiful and Effective dashboard enables you to access real-time information on risk management programs across the organization View risks by organization, product, process, or risk category and many other data points.

Process and Risk Repository

Simpliance helps you identify and define business objectives, processes, products, risks, and controls, and establish a thorough risk register for your organisation. The app helps you document and manage enterprise risks with customizable fields such as risk description, weightages, departments category, hierarchy, and ownership.

Incident Management

Link all your findings on Simpliance’s integrated Incident Management Tool. Develop action plans such as control modification or definition of new controls as part of the issue remediation process with defined SLAs and ownerships. Monitor the status of implemented actions at every stage, and track them to closure.

Risk Audits

Access advanced auditing tools for planning, scheduling, and performing risk assessments, and once the assessments are complete, route the results for review and approval. Perform assessments easily with a simple and intuitive user interface. Enable both top-down and bottom-up approaches to risk assessments. Manage simple assessments by rating a risk, or advanced assessments using multiple factors and advanced risk scoring to meet variations in the risk assessment methodology across business units, regions, and products. Add or delete risks and controls on the fly while performing an assessment. Also, assess the overall control environment based on multiple factors.