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Released Date: 21st Jul, 2017


EPFO Launches PF Transfer Claims Interface Under Unified Portal

As per EPFO circular dated 21st July 2017, the EPFO has highlighted the functionalities of the Member Interface and the Employer Interface under the Unified Portal viz., (1) Members who have their AADHAAR and Bank details seeded to the UAN can submit their PF transfer requests online. However AADHAAR is not mandatory for submitting online PF transfer request. Members have to duly fill in the transfer request on the Member Interface, post filling of the form a downloadable version of Form 13 will be available for the member. The Member is required to download the Form 13, sign and upload the same within a period of ten days from the date of submitted the transfer request in the Member portal. (2) Employers, on receipt of signed physical copy of the claim request PDF(Form 13)from the member, have to digitally approve the transfer requests submitted by the members using Digital Signature of the authorised personnel in the Employer interface Online Portal. To process transfers submitted post 1st March 2017, employers post receipt of signed copy of transfer claim PDF(Form 13) should attest the same and send it to the concerned EPFO Field Office for processing. Employers can now use the UAN/ Member ID of member to verify the following (1) Details of new joiners before completing the New Employee Registration process, (2) Verify previous employment details and (3) Verify KYC details of members. Furthermore, It has been observed by EPFO that that employers are registering new joiners in their establishment as fresh employment cases whereby the member is allotted a new UAN by the system. Thus, EPFO has directed its Field Offices to ensure that a member should have only one UAN throughout his or her employment life cycle cutting across multiple establishments and to minimize the allotment of new UAN to any member who is already allotted UAN

Effective Date: 21st Jul, 2017

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