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 Gazette Notifications

Released Date: 4th Feb, 2017


The Maharashtra Minimum Wages Notification (Jan 2017)

Government of Maharashtra has released revised minimum rates of wages (variable dearness allowance) effective 1st January 2017

Effective Date: 1st Jan, 2017
Released Date: 3rd Feb, 2017


The Meghalaya Minimum Wages Notification (Oct 2016)

As per notification number No. LBG 75/2012/259, Minimum Wages released for the state of Meghalaya effective 1st Oct 2016

Effective Date: 1st Oct, 2016
Released Date: 2nd Feb, 2017


Additional Compliance For Principal Employer With Reference To Employees Engaged By Or Through Contractors

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation vide Notification no. CAIU/011(33)2015/HQ/Vol.II/28445 dated 2nd February 2017, where the the Principal employer should ensure that the contractor is registered with EPFO before awarding any Contract. After award of the contract, the contractor details should be entered in the EPFO portal. Payments due to the contractor should be made only after verifying that the statutory PF payments have been made to EPFO. This can be verified either directly from the EPFO portal or insisting on a payment receipt obtained by the contractor from the EPFO portal while making payment. If the contractors are having separate PF code number, the overall responsibility of ensuring the compliance under the EPF & MP Act, 1952 for the employees working through the contractors by deposit of the dues with the EPFO regularly, rests with the Principal employer. Principal employer can also deduct EPF dues from the contractors' bill and deposit the same either against the contractors' code number or their own code number

Effective Date: 2nd Feb, 2017
Released Date: 24th Jan, 2017

West Bengal

The West Bengal Minimum Wages Notification (Jan 2017)

Government of West Bengal as per notification No.149/703/stat/2RW/29/2016/LCS/JLC, has released the minimum rates of wages effective 1st Jan 2017

Effective Date: 1st Jan, 2017
Released Date: 20th Jan, 2017


ESIC Amendment Towards Maternity Benefit Period Provided For The Insured Woman

As per Notification No G.S.R. 62(E) Rule 6A of Employees State Insurance (Central) Rules, 1950, defines Insured Woman which covers a commissioning mother who as a biological mother wishes to have a child and prefers to get embryo implanted in any other woman and a woman who legally adopts a child upto three months of age. Rule 56 has also been amended to now provide that insured woman shall be entitled to receive the maternity benefit at a daily rate for a period of twenty six weeks, out of which the leaves are not taken for a period which is more than eight weeks before the confinement date, earlier the total period of leaves was twelve weeks and the leaves could not be taken from a date more than six weeks prior to confinement date. Insured woman covered under the Act who is delivering the baby shall be entitled to twelve weeks of maternity benefit from the date she hands child over to commissioning mother or adopting mother. Insured woman having two or more surviving children shall be entitled to maternity benefit of twelve weeks out of which the leaves cannot not be taken from a date more than six weeks prior to confinement date

Effective Date: 20th Jan, 2017
Released Date: 20th Jan, 2017

Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh (Issuance Of Integrated Registration And Extent And Furnishing Of Combined Returns Under Commencement Various Labour Laws By Certain Establishments) Act, 2015

As per the Andhra Pradesh (Issuance of Integrated Registration and Furnishing of Combined Returns under various Labour Laws by certain Establishments) Act, 2015, Employer shall compulsorily submit consolidated return in Form B and this consolidated return replaces the return previously required to be filed under The Andhra Pradesh Minimum Wages Rules in Form III and the Andhra Pradesh Contract Labour Rules in Form XXV. Consolidated Annual returns filed for the year ending 31st March should be submitted online by 30th June every year, instead of the previous requirement to file annual returns by 31st January & 15th February respectively

Effective Date: 30th Apr, 2016
Released Date: 19th Jan, 2017


The Central Minimum Wages Notification (Jan 2017)

Government of India vide Gazette notification no. S.O.187(E) has released revised Minimum rates of wages effective 19th January 2017

Effective Date: 19th Jan, 2017
Released Date: 19th Jan, 2017

Daman and Diu

The Daman And Diu Minimum Wages Notification (Oct 2016)

As per notification number LE/LI/DMN/MWA-3(II)/2016/574746, Minimum Wages released for the Union Territory of Daman and Diu effective 1st October 2016

Effective Date: 1st Oct, 2016
Released Date: 16th Jan, 2017


The Kerala Minimum Wages Notification (Nov 2016)

Government of Kerala vide G.O.(MS) No.103/2013/LBR. dated 31-8-2013 of Labour and Skills (E) Department , and the G.O.(MS) No. 34/2015/LBR. dated 26-03-2015 published in the Kerala Gazette extra ordinary No.19 (Vol.IV ) dated 12-05-2015 the Consumer Price Index (Cost of Living Index) Numbers applicable to employees in employment under the Minimum Wages Act (Central Act XI of 1948) for the month of November 2016 as ascertained by the Director General of Economics & Statistics under clause (C) of Section 2 of the Act

Effective Date: 1st Nov, 2016
Released Date: 12th Jan, 2017


Extension of Due Date for depositing Contribution of PF for the month of December 2016

The due date for deposit of contribution and other dues of EPFO for the month of December, 2016 by the employer has been extended upto 20th January, 2017 vide No. WSU/9(1)2013/Settlement of Claims/26308 Dated: 12.01.2017

Effective Date: 12th Jan, 2017

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