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Released Date: 21st Jul, 2015


Latest amendment in the Maharashtra Contract Labour (R&A) Rules 1971

Rule – 21:- Every Application for Labour License shall be accompanied by an undertaking in Form No. IV-A by the contractor. Rule – 23:- On Receipt of an application in all respect, the licensing officer shall issue a license within 7 working days, from the date of receipt. Rule – 24:- Security Deposit for each workman has enhanced to Rs. 500 (previously it was Rs 100 per workmen) Rule – 26 (1):- For taking Registration under this act for Principle Employer fees will be Rs 5000/- Per Annam (Previously there was slabs ) Rule – 26 (2):- For taking Labour License or Renewing Labour License fees will be Rs 5000/- Per Annam (Previously there was slabs ) Rule – 27:- Validity of License will be 1 year from the date of issue (previously it was till 31st December for each year irrespective of date of issue) Rule – 29:- Renewal of License shall be applying 60 days before the license expire. Rule – 29:- If License is not issued (New or Renewed) within the said 7 working days, it shall be deemed to have been granted and copy of acknowledgment of application and copy of payment fess shall be treated as license.

Effective Date: 21st Jul, 2015

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