"Let's Build Accountability and Common Sense!"

While protecting the waters off India’s coastline, Lt. Cdr Anil Prem D'Souza knew that excuses don't matter in the line of service. Every day requires preparation, and every venture out into the sea requires precise planning and intelligence.

From ensuring security along India's coast to troubleshooting chaos in corporatedom, the ex-naval officer who is from India's first batch of Short Service Commission Combat Officers from the Indian Navy forged close friendships with his professional companions - Hansa Sharma, Madhu Damodaran, Subramanya Raju and others to navigate a team of professionals to function as a cohesive and high-performance team, with military-like discipline, precision, and decisiveness.

The core team instilled the team with accountability and a sense of pride in performing their tasks for the greater good of the community and nation at large. The team's reasoning was straightforward: no compliance, no accountability.

Simpliance was launched in 2015 as an easy-to-install plug-and-play solution that simplifies labour compliances management, provides on-the-go support, and delivers an affordable platform for the common man on everything related to compliance. For Anil D'Souza, Subbu, Madhu and Hansa, Simpliance is the first step towards enabling good governance: it brings laws closer to businesses, shops and professional establishments and to every common person. At the 2015 NHRD Showcase in Bangalore, Simpliance was adjudged as one of the best start-up product company.

Simpliance was initially developed and owned by Cbensol, a Bangalore-based IT solutions firm that focuses on shared services consulting and building support tool for case management. With the growing opportunity in the field of compliance, Simpliance was carved out from Cbensol and was established as a separate private limited company in April 2016. It has grown from a three-member team to 21 member team with a mix of promising graduates, law graduates from reputed colleges, and a robust development team. The company plans to grow the Simpliance tool from its present labour law compliance module to include various other legal frameworks that govern business polity and public life. In doing so, Simpliance team delivers on its singular vision of making India and eventually the world 100% compliant.